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Percy Jackson Books in Order

 Percy Jackson Books in Order

Today, let's dive into the world of Percy Jackson – a series that has captured readers' hearts for years. With the recent buzz around the Disney+ series ('Percy Jackson and the Olympians -TV series') Which has been very entertaining so far! there's no better time to revisit or explore this fantastical universe. For those unfamiliar, Percy Jackson is a young demigod navigating a world where Greek mythology comes to life, and the adventures are as thrilling as they are entertaining.

It can be confusing to figure out the right sequence, so I've got your back.

Here's the correct order to read Percy Jackson's journey, from the original 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' book series while anticipating new episodes of 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians -TV series'. Don't miss a beat in the Percy Jackson series.

How to Read Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson Books in Order

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians Novel Series

1. The Lightning Thief  (2005) Kicking off the series, we follow Percy Jackson as he discovers his demigod heritage and gets thrust into the world of gods, monsters, and prophecies. A wild ride from start to finish!

2. The Sea of Monsters  (2006) As Percy confronts his inner doubts and faces the cunning obstacles set forth by the malevolent forces within the Sea of Monsters, the journey not only tests his demigod abilities but also deepens his understanding of friendship, loyalty, and the true meaning of heroism.

3. The Titan's Curse  (2007) The adventure intensifies as Percy embarks on a quest to rescue Artemis and Annabeth. A gripping tale with unexpected twists and turns. Throughout the journey, Percy discovers untapped facets of his own strength and forges unbreakable bonds with both mortal and immortal companions, ultimately reshaping the destiny of the entire demigod world.

4. The Battle of the Labyrinth  (2008) Percy navigates the labyrinth, facing new threats and forging alliances. The stakes are higher than ever in this penultimate book. As Percy delves deeper into the labyrinth's secrets, he unravels shocking revelations about his own past, leading to a climactic showdown that will determine the fate of both the mortal and mythical realms.

5. The Last Olympian (2009) The Last Olympian (2009) The epic conclusion to the original series sees Percy facing off against the Titan Lord, Kronos. The fate of Olympus hangs in the balance, making it a fitting finale. In a crescendo of battles and sacrifices, Percy confronts not only external enemies but also his own internal struggles, culminating in a breathtaking showdown that reshapes the destiny of both gods and demigods alike.

6. The Chalice of the Gods (2023) The original heroes from The Lightning Thief are reunited for their biggest challenge yet: getting Percy to college when the gods are standing in his way. The original hero. A brand-new adventure. Can Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover find the chalice before it falls into the wrong hands? And even if they do, will they be able to resist its awesome power. . .?


The Heroes of Olympus Series 

If Percy's World has you hooked, dive into this spin-off series that continues the story with new protagonists and challenges.

A collection of short stories featuring beloved characters, offering readers additional insights into their adventures.

With the Heroes of Olympus series, Rick Riordan expands the scope of his mythological universe, introducing new characters and weaving a complex narrative that seamlessly continues the story from the Percy Jackson series. So, dear readers, if you're hungry for more demigod action, the Heroes of Olympus series is your next stop on this mythical journey. Happy reading!

7. The Lost Hero (2010) The Heroes of Olympus series kicks off with a bang as we're introduced to a new trio of demigods – Jason, Piper, and Leo. Mystery surrounds their pasts, and a new threat looms on the horizon. As the three navigate a world of gods and monsters, their interconnected destinies slowly unfold, revealing a complex web of prophecies and challenges that will test their mettle and reshape the very foundations of the demigod universe.

8. The Son of Neptune (2011) Percy Jackson resurfaces with a case of amnesia, finding himself at a camp for Roman demigods. Joined by new friends Hazel and Frank, he embarks on a quest to prevent the awakening of the giant Alcyoneus.

9. The Mark of Athena  (2012) Our heroes unite as the Greek and Roman demigods come together, facing challenges and conflicts that test their loyalties. Annabeth takes center stage in this installment. Amidst the clash of cultures and the looming threat of Gaea, Annabeth's courage and strategic brilliance shine, forcing her to confront personal fears and leading the group through a perilous journey that explores the intricate relationships between the two demigod camps..

10. The House of Hades  (2013) The stakes escalate as the demigods journey through the House of Hades in the Underworld. Old foes resurface, and alliances are tested in this gripping tale. As the heroes navigate the treacherous realm, facing both physical and emotional trials, the consequences of their choices reverberate, shaping not only their individual destinies but also the fate of the entire demigod world in an intricately woven narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

11. The Blood of Olympus  (2014) The grand finale of the Heroes of Olympus series brings our heroes to the brink of war. The culmination of prophecies and destinies unfolds in an epic showdown against Gaea.




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