Sunday, January 14, 2024

2024 Reading Challenge Free Printable

2024 Reading Challenge Free Printable

2024 Reading Challenge Free Printable

Hello, fellow book lovers!

As we enter the new year of 2024, I am thrilled to share a new reading challenge for you. This challenge is designed to be a fun and refreshing way for book enthusiasts looking to explore diverse literary adventures throughout the upcoming year.

These prompts will encourage you to explore a wide range of genres, authors, and perspectives. You can interpret the prompts in any way you like, and you're free to choose any book that fits within the given prompt.

You can choose to follow them all, or just some – it’s totally up to you!

How does this challenge work?

Assign a book of your choosing to each prompt. As you complete each prompt, mark it off your list.


If the links above don't work for you, try these:
Google Drive | Mediafire | My Shop 

2024 Reading Challenege 

  1. A book with multiple points of view.
  2. Re-read your favorite book.
  3. A Spicy Romance
  4. A book being adapted for TV/Film.
  5. A book with a 1-word title.
  6. Part of a Duology.
  7. A Non-Fiction book.
  8. A book published in 2024.
  9. A book with over 250 pages.
  10. A book you own, but have never read.
  11. A book with a king or queen.
  12. Listen to an Audiobook.
  13. A book you meant to read last year.
  14. Read a book in a day.
  15. A book about mental health.
  16. A book set in a different century.
  17. A book that won an award.
  18. A Thriller or Mystery.
  19. A retelling of a fairy tale or classic novel.
  20. A book by an author you've never read.





    1. Hi. I tried downloading the bingo card but it wouldn’t go through somehow. Is there another way since the pdf didn’t work?

      1. Hello, if the google drive link didn't work for you, I added more links in the post for download through my shop (for free) or through mediafire. Let me know if you were able to download the PDF.