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45 Bookstagram Captions to Inspire Your Next Post


Bookstagram Captions

Hello book lovers! Here in this post, you can find many ideas for your bookstagram captions. Most of them are "question of the day", but read until the end there are some other ideas as well! I hope this post will help you to find new ideas to have the best bookstagram captions :)

45+ Bookstagram Caption Ideas


  1. How often do you re-read books?
  2. Who are your favorite One True Pairings?
  3. Contemporary or Fantasy?
  4. Who is a new author you discovered recently?
  5. Favorite reading spot?
  6. Who was your first bookish crush?
  7. When you read, do you usually eat or drink something?
  8. If you could live in a fictional world, which would you choose?
  9. Do you read several books at once?
  10. Have you bought new books recently?
  11. How many bookshelves do you have?
  12. Anything you look forward to this week?
  13. What's your favorite duology?
  14. Who's your favorite book villain?
  15. What's your preference, multiple POV or single POV?
  16. What was the last book you finished and how do you rate it?
  17. What is a series you disliked at the beginning but liked by the end?
  18. What is your favorite quote from a book?
  19. What color books do you own most of?
  20. What side character would you love to get an entire book about?
  21. Do you sometimes buy books just because of the cover?
  22. Do you use a reading journal?
  23. Have you ever done a buddy read?
  24. Have you ever bought a special edition or a signed book?
  25. What's your favorite friendship pair in a book?
  26. Has re-reading a book ever changed your opinion on it?
  27. How often do you re-read your favorite series?
  28. What's a book that surprised you?
  29. What's a popular book you haven't read?
  30. What's the last thing you learned after reading a book?
  31. Do you always carry a book with you?
  32. What's your ideal series length?
  33. What's your comfort read?
  34. Do you annotate your books?
  35. What book exceeded your expectations?
  36. What is your favorite Bookstagram prop?
  37. Do you ever write notes or highlight passages in books?
  38. What's the longest series you've ever read?
  39. What do you own more of: hardbacks or paperbacks?
  40. What book had the most sentimental value to you?


  1. Name 3 things that make you fall in love with a book.
  2. Tell me 3 things about you or your account.
  3. Tell me your last, current, and next read.
  4. Tell me an author you read most of his/her work.
  5. Relationship status: in a committed relationship with multiple fictional men/women.
  6. Tell me something good that happened to you this week.
  7. Let's discuss: (insert a topic you want to discuss with your followers: a ship, a new book, a writer, a trope you enjoy etc.)
  8. Share a quote from a book you're currently reading.


Use emojis to highlight certain words or ideas. Here are a few cute emoji combinations you can use in your bookstagram captions:

emoji combos


Another way of making your Bookstagram captions stand out is to use special fonts. Instagram only has one default font available, but you may have noticed fancy fonts on profiles and posts. To use special fonts you need to use a fonts generator. Here are two sites I use that offer Instagram font generators. Simply type in your words then copy and paste them into your caption.



Bookstagram Caption Ideas


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