Sunday, June 6, 2021

25 Creative Bookstagram Post Ideas for Book Lovers

Bookstagram Post Ideas for Book Lovers

Are you looking for creative, original, and fun ideas to make your bookstagram posts more eye-catching? As an avid bookworm and bookstagrammer, you know that an engaging bookstagram post is the key to success in growing your following.

In this post, you will find 25 post ideas that you can use to make your bookstagram posts stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bookstagrammer, you’ll find a range of ideas suited for every level of experience. So let's dive in and explore what the world of bookstagram has to offer!

Bookstagram Post Ideas for Book Lovers 

  1. Travel - Always bring your books when you travel and take photos, later you can upload them to your Instagram.
  2. Recommend your favorite books.
  3. Feature your pets. - Take photos of your books featuring your pets, It's a great way to change things up and people often love seeing cute pets.
  4. Books you did not finish & why.
  5. Currently Reading.
  6. Latest Hauls. - Book hauls guarantee that you post books you’ve not featured on your account before.
  7. Post A Book Review.
  8. Feature your favorite book covers.
  9. Color block - Feature books that are in the same color or similar for an aesthetically pleasing photo.
  10. Feature a cute mug of tea or coffee.
  11. Overrated/Underrated books - Feature a book you think is underrated or overrated and start a discussion with your followers.
  12. Take us on a tour of your bookshelf.
  13. Book characters you love/hate.
  14. Your favorite fandom.
  15. Your favorite quotes from a book.
  16. Upcoming releases.
  17. Favorite Ships. Share your favorite book couples with your followers.
  18. Feature your bookmarks.
  19. Share your love of an underrated author.
  20. Host a giveaway.
  21. Show your bookish merchandise.
  22. Feature Fan Art & Lettering.
  23. Participate in Photo Challenges. 
  24. Outfits inspired by books.
  25. Feature flowers in your post.


25 Creative Bookstagram Post Ideas for Book Lovers


  1. Simple and good ideas are the best! Thanks for inspiration :)