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Shadow and Bone Netflix - Episode 1 REACTION!

Shadow and Bone Netflix - Episode 1 REACTION!

Hello, lovelies! Shadow and Bone is up on Netflix already. I'm about to watch the first episode and share all of my incoherent thoughts with you. This is not a structured TV review or anything like that, it's just my thoughts and feelings while watching the episode!

Please comment with your own thoughts about this episode and let me know what you think.


Shadow and Bone Netflix - Episode 1 REACTION!

  • We are introduced to Alina, a Ravkan mapmaker who takes after her Shu mother. She and her best friend Mal serve in the First Army of Ravka.
  • I am very impressed with the production value and all the costumes. The Kefta's look so good and it helps the world-building.
  • The Six of Crow's duology takes place after the events of the Shadow and Bone book series, the show came up with a prequel story for the Crows: taking a job of going to Ravka to find Alina for one million Kruge. I was apprehensive about this but it turns out It's actually really fun and exciting watching these characters I know but not knowing exactly what is going to happen!
  • Inej is exactly like in the book, she's incredible.
  • Kaz's introduction was very cool.
  • Kaz telling Inej: "She isn't like you, No one is" 😍
  • I just love all these scenes with Inej Kaz and Jesper talking through how to figure out this plan.
  • I see Pekka Rollins is just as evil and bad as in the book. These villains are much scarier when they come to life on tv haha.
  • Ketterdam looks so much like in the book, they really took time with all the little details that capture the feel of the city.
  • Jesper is hilarious, he's so funny I love it.

  • Mal is selected to go to The Fold so Alina sabotages precious maps so she will have an excuse to go with him! their friendship really comes through, the actors have great chemistry together.
  • Okay now they're going to the Fold, this is it, everything is about to go wrong.  I love the music in those intense scenes, I'm just a sucker for fantasy music.  It's one element we never really have while reading books, the added music, so I like that.
  • The Volcra look so scary wow.
  • Alina saves Mal but then has to save herself from the Volcra so she uses her sun power.  We finally see it. wow it looks incredible I love these effects.
  • It's Alexei from the first army who was able to run away to West Ravka from The Fold! he's the one Dreesen kidnapped! for a second I thought we're gonna see Matthias now.
  • Oh no he just killed him. this guy is evil!!
  • Now Kaz and crew need to prove they have a way through The Fold so they can take the mission on and the 1 million Kruge
  • And the episode ends!!

This episode was slower since It's more of an introduction of what's about to happen but I still loved it. Of course there are some things different from the book. I think it helps that I read Shadow and Bone a while ago and don't remember every single detail so I was still able to enjoy it.
Can't wait for the next episodes: to see more of Ben Barnes who plays the Darkling. I also can't wait to finally see my favorites, Nina and Matthias. 

I am very impressed with of all the actors' performances! They are young actors and yet they delivered very good performances so far.

Now I'm off to watch episode 2 (and maybe 3&4 😏)

  Please comment with your own thoughts about this episode and let me know what you thought.


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