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Book-Tag | Harry Potter Book Tag

Harry Potter Book Tag

Hello everyone, If you're like me and you love the Harry Potter series you can relate to the fact that once in a while you get sucked back into the series and start thinking about all these characters once again, last week it happened when I rewatched a couple of the movies! So in the spirit of nostalgia here are my answers for the Harry Potter book tag
The tag originated from bookishroyalty

Favorite Book

My favorite books are Prisoner of Azkaban and Half-Blood Prince. I love Prisoner of Azkaban because of the story with Sirius and how it unfolds, I loved Lupin as a teacher in Hogwarts and the book is just so fun to read again and again.
Half-blood Prince is my second favorite because I feel like there is so much that happens in the book, It's never boring! whether its Malfoy, Slaghorn or Harry's Lessons with Dumbeldore

Favorite Movie

My favorite movie has to be Prisoner of Azkaban, I think it is the most beautiful movie visually and it translated everything from the book so perfectly, how it looks, the color scheme and the acting of the actors are so good in this movie. It will forever be my favorite. I am also not a fan of the director who directed movies 5-7 so I'm left with not many options.

Least Favorite Book

Maybe The Philosophers Stone. Just because of it being the first one and it was more setting up the things that happened in the next books.

Parts of the Books/Movies that made you cry

So many emotional moments! I think the death of Sirius in the 5th book is so sad! And the final book had so many emotional moments, mainly all the deaths at the end :(

Favorite Character

My ultimate favorite is Harry Potter! It's his story and his journey through all these hardships and he's a great character. My other favorites are Fred and George and Hermione who is still one of the best female characters I read about.

What Would Your Patronus Be?

According to Pottermore, my Patronus is a Dragonfly! Which honestly doesn't feel right at all since I fear bugs!! I feel like my Patronus should be something like a Cat or a Dolphin.

Which of the Deathly Hallows Would You Choose?

Invisibility Cloak for sure. Let's face it - It just seems like the most useful for everyday situations.

What House Would You Be In?

I've taken many sorting quizzes over the years and it's always either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw! Personally, I feel more like a Ravenclaw but I guess it's a mix of the two.

If You Could Meet Any Member of the Cast Who Would It Be?

Maybe Emma Watson or Evanna Lynch. They both seem really lovely. And meeting James and Oliver Phelps can be cool because I love Fred and George.

If You Were on the Quiddich Team Which Position Would You Play?

First of all, let's start with the fact I probably would never have made the team! I am pretty bad in group sports. Maybe being a Chaser is good because you get to fly and avoid most of the hits haha!

Were You Happy With The Ending?

Yes, I think I was. It was a good conclusion to the story. My one complaint would be that I still think J.K killed too many beloved characters, not many of the favorites are alive at the end and it's a shame their stories ended so quickly.

How Much Does Harry Potter Mean to You?

It means a lot to me! It was the first series I read. My first book was Goblet of Fire and then I went back to read the first three and then the rest. And now years later I'm in my 20s and I still care about it. When a story stays with you for so long then you know it's something special.

If you love Harry Potter, I tag you. Answer in the comments or link to your answers!



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