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Book Review | Feathers and Fae by Crystal L. Kirkham

Feathers and Fae cover

Title: Feathers and Fae
Author: Crystal L. Kirkham
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publication Date: October 11th, 2019
Publisher: Kyanite Publishing LLC

* I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from BookSirens.*

Emmett and Kami live in Mundials, where the portals for the other realms have been closed for many years and magical creators can't visit anymore.
Kami and Emmett suddenly find themself being chased by a magical evil by the name Aseth. When left with no other choice, Emmett needs to use his powers which he kept hidden from Kami in order to protect her. With Emmett's magic gone wrong, they travel to a different realm called Mythos where magical creatures such as Faes, Dwarfs, Seee's, Angels, and Giants exist.

Having to navigate in this new world in order to find their way home, Emmett and Kami face many hardships and adventures as Emmet is confronted with the lies he kept hidden from Kami all her life. 

Let's start with the things I liked:

  • I adored the sense of adventure and magical elements.
  • I loved Emmet, who is the main male characters, mostly we see the story from his POV. Emmet is loyal, intelligent and brave but he also has been lying to Kami about many things and I thought it was an interesting development for him to stop being afraid and share the truth with Kami. Sure it takes him a while to get there but I thought he was an intriguing character because he has secrets and there was always something new to discover about him.
  • Another character I loved was Jewel, she is a Seer who decides to help Emmet and Kami and she was lovely and funny.
  • The descriptions of the settings were very well done! I could imagine what the various places looked like and I wasn't bored discovering about this world.
  • Though the writing style is not especially unique or beautiful it also didn't take me out of the story while reading so I appreciated that. It served its purpose.
  • I wasn't particularly disappointed in anything in the story either. I felt like the plot was natural, if lacking depth at points, and followed what's expected of the genre.


  • Personally, I thought the adventure started too soon, there was one scene of Emmet and Kami in their world and just a few pages later they are running, I would have liked to spend at least another chapter or so with Kami an Emmett in their world, 
  • In most of the first half of the book, there was a lot of traveling going on, setting up camp and finding food and shelter, there was not a lot going on in the story.
  • The plot was lacking depth at points, I would have liked more character moments. I couldn't connect to Kami, something about her character just didn't connect with me, maybe it was her immaturity or just the fact that there wasn't a chapter from her POV.

In conclusion:

Though there are many magical elements I loved, the book did feel a bit simplistic and I wish it had more depth, still, it was an entertaining read and I loved the adventures and magical atmosphere. I also thought the ending was a good conclusion and gave a proper end for the characters.

3.5 / 5

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