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5 Websites for Beautiful Free Stock Photos


Websites for Beautiful Free Stock Photos

As bloggers, we need beautiful photos to make our blogs stand out and share them with others on social media sites like Pinterest. Some bloggers are talented photographers and use their own photos but many bloggers either don't have the time or the equipment to take photos for every blog post.

The solution is stock photos. Stock photos are images taken by other photographers that they offer other people to use on their blogs, projects, edits, videos, etc.

In the post, I will tell you about 5 sites I use to find copyright-free images where you don't need to pay to be able to use the photos on your blog or projects.

These photographers and creators deserve appreciation for offering their beautiful photos for us to use, though most don't require credit, It's a great way to show appreciation if you give them credit somewhere on your blogs!


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase through my link I get a small commission, of no extra charge for you. Thank you for your support.*


1. Pixabay -This is my number one go-to site. It is very easy to navigate and other than photos you can also search for vector art which is very useful when making graphics for Pinterest or for your blog in general. You don't need to be a registered user to download photos, though registering (for free) will allow you to download photos in higher resolution.

2. PexlesAnother excellent site for free stock images. It has very beautiful aesthetic images that are perfect for travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, and book bloggers. In Pexels, you can also search for videos which is very useful if you like making videos for your blog posts as well.

3. UnsplashUnsplash offers a variety of free stock photos for your blog. It's easy to navigate the site through categories like film, people, travel, etc. You don't have to register to the site to download the images. If you do register the site allows you to like photos or make a collection album to help you collect photos for future use. In Unsplash you can also find other people's collections which is a great feature!

4. Shutterstock - Shutterstock has one of the biggest libraries of free stock images. If you register to Shutterstock you will get 10 free images to download. Even though it's only 10 images I still wanted to include this site because it has unique images you sometimes can't find anywhere else and if you want a particular image then it's easy to register and download.

5. Canva -In Canva, finding free stock photos is quite straightforward. Canva offers a vast library of high-quality images that you can use for free in your designs. Here's how you can find free stock photos in Canva. Simply access the "Photos" Tab: In the Design Editor, you'll find a vertical toolbar on the left side of the screen. Look for the "Photos" tab and click on it. It usually has an icon that resembles a mountain or landscape. 

Search for Images: In the "Photos" tab, you'll see a search bar at the top. Enter relevant keywords related to the type of image you're looking for. For example, if you need a picture of a "beach," type that into the search bar and press Enter.


Those were the five free stock photo websites I recommend. But hey, if you're looking to level up your blogging game and add a touch of uniqueness to your site, Check out sites like CreativeMarket and even Etsy for more exclusive and one-of-a-kind photos that'll make your blog shine. So I'll drop some links below for stock photo bundles specifically tailored for bloggers. Happy browsing and elevating your blog visuals!



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